Our mission is to provide four (4) integrated phases of the Global Interface Consulting program that will reinforce, evaluate and develop specific operations/customer service strategies for exceptional customer service programs with greater longevity and buy in by all involved in providing exceptional customer service on event-day. Ultimately, Event Management will gain in staff insights, demonstrate a “staff support environment”, empower staff to perform independently and as effective team players. Staff will find greater clarity in customer service programs and greater accountability from upper Management which will ultimately serve to streamline operations and efficiency levels.

GIG Return On Investment

1. Explore and Interface

For clients considering streamlining operations for current/future events, the Global Interface Consulting Group provides services such as:

  • Exploratory Research about the venue operations
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (IRR/ROI Performance Assessment)
  • Environmental Impact (Green) Assessment Programs
  • Economic and promotional impact studies
  • On-going customer information services

2. Strategic Plan & Prepare

The Global Interface Consulting Group provides clients with strategic advice in order to professionally plan their involvement in current/future events:

  • Development of a long-term venue events plan
  • Implementation of staff and customer retention strategies
  • Enhance sales process
  • Improve overall marketing strategy
  • Offer products inline with market nuances
  • Finance and validate current business/operations plan
  • New event contacts development

3.  Maximize Returns

The client can then focus on "new business development" bidding to host events and or new tenants, with the assistance of the Global Interface Consulting Group team through product enrichment programs such as….

  • Bid strategy development
  • Bid campaign development
  • Naming rights and other commercial rights development
  • Licensing and merchandising
  • Catering and food services operations
  • Corporate/premium seating program offerings
  • Networking and communications with event/league management
  • Preferred networking and communications with current customer base
  • Notice how customers are responding, track customer behavior over time
  • Act on key findings to increase the profitability of customers

4. Market & Maximize

In an effort to get the most from the hosting of an event, the Global Interface Consulting Group team provides advice on how to achieve specific objectives:

  • Development of an event exploitation strategy
  • Event-based Local/National/International marketing strategy
  • Post-event(s) evaluation…validate market size & properties

Through a continuously moving process, the Global Interface Team assists Local, National and International venues to create a blueprint for success. Global Interface Consulting offers highly a sought after team of specialists… guaranteeing that a venue’s every operational need will be met with extraordinary expertise – hence success.

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